Fallbrook homes are designed with an emphasis on character and detail, and a focus on balancing traditional design with modern luxuries. It’s the classic, comfortable luxury that is anything but ostentatious.

Your residence will probably feature an open floor plan with soaring ceilings; a spacious home office; state-of-the-art, energy-efficient appliances and more. It will be in harmony with the natural surroundings that Fallbrook has meticulously maintained, where charming boulevards run alongside natural wetlands and native grasses provide a textured contrast to well-manicured lawns.

Whether you’re looking to buy or build, Fallbrook has the perfect fit for your home wish list.


Acres of residential and commercial development, pairing modern convenience with traditional neighborhood appeal.


Miles of trails provide the perfect walker’s paradise, allowing you to unwind or walk your way to better health.


Square feet of office and retail space is available for lease in the newly constructed 575 Building of the Fallbrook Town Center.


Employees at Fallbrook. Proof that a number of businesses have already discovered Fallbrook as a premier location.

Build a Home

The Fallbrook concept is a big one. In fact, less than forty percent of the 700-acre property is currently under construction.  There are still plenty of opportunities for you to purchase the lot of your choice and build the home of your dreams.

Many of the advantages of building at Fallbrook are fairly obvious.  Location.  The overall neighborhood concept and amenities.  The beautiful surrounding.  But here are some other points worthy of consideration:

  • Unlike other developments in Lincoln, there are minimal impact fees at Fallbrook. (see the chart below)
  • Fallbrook lot prices are extremely competitive.
  • Unlike most developments, the Fallbrook neighborhood is designed to improve and become more and more desirable in the future.
  • Master Plan, Covenants, and Design Review ensure the character and quality of the streetscape and will protect your investment into the future.
  • Here’s your opportunity to combine your personal and professional life.  Move your business to Fallbrook, too.
Fallbrook Standard Lots

Standard Lots

Aesthetic and functional in design, Fallbrook brings dramatic, yet practical solutions to the congestion and depersonalization of conventional suburban living . . . read more.

New Urbanism Lots

New Urbanism Lots

Streets are shaded by rows of trees and designed to slow traffic. Parking lots are relegated to the rear of buildings, usually accessed by alleys. All to maintain an attractive and pedestrian-friendly atmosphere . . . read more.

Courtyard- Lots

Courtyard Lots

In this region, each home is designed to incorporate an indoor-outdoor lifestyle of courtyards and generous windows applying principles from the Prairie style of architecture . . . read more.

West Lots

Featuring over 90 lots, which are made up of the our three different lot types: Standard, New Urbanism and Courtyard. This beautiful new addition will feel like its very own neighborhood. . . read more.

Click Here for Building Review & Process Forms, Impact Savings Fees and Homeowners Association information.

Design Codes & Covenants

Buy a Home

There are many advantages to living in a Fallbrook home. Our homes have been designed for both modern convenience and traditional charm. And, here at Fallbrook, architecture and landscaping are forever in keeping with the natural surroundings. Whether you are interested in learning more about a home built by one of our Guild members or a Fallbrook home currently on the market, we are happy to provide you with precisely the information you need.

Apartment Living

Century Sales & Management is pleased to announce the opening of Brookside Apartments at Fallbrook, a new construction luxury apartment community in the Fallbrook neighborhood!  The apartments feature quartz countertops, stainless steel appliances, hard surface flooring in living areas, a provided washer and dryer, and much more!

Schedule a tour – brooksidelincoln.com  /  402.875.6096

Brookside Apartments - Fallbrook
Brookside Apartments - Fallbrook