Maintaining Curb Appeal in Winter

It can be hard keeping the yard lush and beautiful in the cold winter months, and if your property is on the market, curb appeal is more important than ever.

Here’s how to keep it up in winter:

  • Invest in hardy foliage. Ferns, witch hazel and even pansies hold up well in winter.
  • Keep it tidy. Edge, clear away leaves and debris, and shovel the walkways. Clean your gutters often.
  • Repaint your exterior. Give the shutters and door a fresh coat of paint, and clean any exposed brick or stucco.

Talk to your agent for ways to up your specific property’s curb appeal this winter.

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5 Mistakes First-time Home Buyers Make

Buying a home can be overwhelming — especially for first-time buyers.

Want to make sure you do it right? Avoid these all-too-common first-timer mistakes:

  1. Not getting to know the neighborhood. Walk around, drive the streets, and make sure it’s a place that feels safe and has the amenities you’re looking for.
  2. Forgetting to think long-term. Even if you don’t have kids just yet, look at school districts and playgrounds.
  3. Skipping pre-approval. Getting pre-approved for a mortgage doesn’t just make your home purchase easier; it helps point you toward an appropriate price range, too.

Forgoing an agent’s help can be a big mistake, too. Make sure you reach out for guidance!

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4 Questions to Ask When Touring a Home

Going to a showing soon? Make sure to ask these questions as your tour the property:

  1. Does it look maintained and well-cared for? If it doesn’t, there may be costly repairs necessary.
  2. Will this fit my needs? Evaluate space, storage, layout, etc.
  3. Is there work to be done to get it to my liking? If you’ll need to do renovations, you will want to factor this into your decision (and make sure it will fit your budget).
  4. Will it fit in with your long-term goals? Is there room to raise kids or a yard for your future pups?

Tap your agent for guidance, too. We’re there to help!

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Penrose Cottages at Fallbrook

About the Fallbrook Penrose Cottages:

402 Customs invites you to visit the Penrose Cottages. These unique homes boast an open floor plan with vaulted ceilings in the living space, spacious first floor master suite and an inviting outdoor living space on the front porch. All of the cottages feature a private owners entry from the rear alley. If you would like to customize your home to match your distinct personality all selections can be made at our in house design center Gotcha Covered. You can enjoy all of this while living in Lincoln’s most unique community. Give us a call to come tour this beautiful home!

As of October 2019, two cottages have been built with one pending sale and six more are to be built very soon.


  • Average cottage price is $330,000+
  • Only a five month building process from start to finish
  • 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom designs
  • Luxury amenities such as Nest thermostats, granite countertops, vaulted ceilings and refined fixtures and finishes
  • No lawn maintenance



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Red Flags to Watch for on a Showing

Not every showing will turn out to be “the one.”

Want to make sure you don’t make an offer on a dud property? Watch for these red flags:

  • Signs of poor care/maintenance. If there are obvious signs of poor maintenance, you can bet there are deeper, less visible ones, too.
  • Strange smells or odors. These can indicate pets, rotting food, mold or mildew (some of which can be dangerous!)
  • Bad neighbors. Trash on the yard next door? Cars all over the street? These all point to potentially bad neighbors.

Make sure to bring an agent along with you. They’ll make sure no red flags go unnoticed.

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5 Apps to Help in Your Home Search

Technology has made finding the perfect home easier than ever.

Need help finding the right properties for your home search? Here are the 5 best apps to do it:

  1. The app for browsing listings and finding potential properties
  2. Dwellr to learn more about the neighborhood you’re buying in
  3. Homesnap, which lets you coordinate your home search with your spouse or co-buyer
  4. Xome if foreclosures and auction properties are on your radar
  5. Quicken Loans Mortgage Calculator for determining what you can afford

Make sure to tap your agent, too. They can set up custom listing alerts, which notify you real-time when a home that meets your requirements hits the market.

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Throwing a Great Summer BBQ

The season for pool parties, block parties and friendly barbecues is here.

Are you planning a fun summer BBQ or get-together this year? Here’s how to make it a great one:

  • Keep it cool. Stock up on fans, fill up coolers with cold drinks, and crank up the A/C. Clean the pool if you have one.
  • Prep for bugs. Bugs can kill a party’s vibe instantly. Invest in bug zappers, citronella candles and a few cans of bug spray.
  • Have options. Burgers and hot dogs are always a solid choice, but make sure to have a few options for vegetarians, vegans and kiddos, too.

Cheers to a great party!

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Creating an Emergency Plan

It’s never too early to create your household’s emergency plan.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Give each family member a responsibility.
  • Designate a safe spot or central meeting location in case you get separated.
  • Outline emergency contacts and phone numbers.
  • Create and practice an evacuation route.
  • Stock up on non-perishable food, water bottles, flashlights and batteries.
  • Pack a “go bag” for each member of the household.
  • Make a plan for your pets.

You may also want to invest in walkie talkies for each family member. During regional emergencies and disasters, cell phone and Wi-Fi service is often spotty or even non-existent.

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The Home Today’s Buyers are Looking for

It’s home-buying’s busiest season of the year, and today’s buyers are more discerning than ever.

What are 2019 home buyers on the hunt for? They want:

  • Large, open kitchens with islands and bar seating
  • Classic, easy-to-clean wood and laminate flooring
  • Durable quartz and marble countertops
  • Spacious closets and plenty of storage space
  • Stainless steel or all black appliances
  • White, grey or light-colored cabinetry
  • Cover front and back patios, decks and other outdoor areas for entertaining

Many of these items make for easy, affordable DIY projects. If you’re considering putting your home on the market, you might think about a quick renovation or two to add value before listing the property.

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How to Cut Back on Energy Costs this Summer

As the temperature rises, so do our energy bills.

Don’t want to deal with sky-high A/C costs this summer? Here’s how to cut back:

  • Buy a smart thermostat. These help you pre-program temperatures and save on energy when you’re not in the home.
  • Block air leaks. If air is getting out around your windows, doors or attic, it means higher A/C usage (and higher energy bills).
  • Clean your A/C system. Clear away debris from the unit, dust off intake vents and replace your filters regularly.

Have quality drapes and blinds in place, too. This will keep sunlight from heating up your home, increasing your need for A/C.

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