How to Stand Out in the Busy Spring Buying Season

Furnishing your new home doesn’t have to break the bank.

Use these tips to find great pieces that won’t run you dry:

  • Watch for garage and local estate sales. Your city’s newspaper is a great place to start.
  • Use the NextDoor app and Facebook marketplace. Neighbors may be selling items just down the street.
  • Hit up thrift stores and consignment shops. These are especially great for finding art and decor.
  • Know your area’s bulk trash day. Drive the neighborhood on bulk trash day to find any discarded furniture that could be rehabilitated.

You can also ask friends, family members and coworkers if they have unused furniture they’d part with.

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How to Keep Your Home Clean While It’s on the Market

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Keeping your house neat and tidy is one of the hardest parts of selling — especially if you have kids or pets.

Here’s how to make things easier:

  • Invest in storage bins. When a showing comes up, throw everything from the floor, counters and tables into the bins and stow them in a closet.
  • Use a robot vacuum. Turn it on as you leave the property, and the floor will be spick and span by the time buyers arrive.
  • Declare some rooms off limits. Keep some rooms closed off to limit messes.

If you anticipate substantial interest in your home, you could also stay at a friend’s house or rent a hotel room until showings are over.

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How to Speed Up Your Home Purchase

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Want to speed up your purchase? Here’s how:

  • Act fast when there’s a home you like. If you like a property, put in an offer that day.
  • Get preapproved for your mortgage. This will speed up your loan approval.
  • Have all your financial documentation organized for your preapproval. This should include recent bank account statements, pay stubs, W-2s, tax returns, etc.
  • Respond quickly. When your agent needs your input or your loan officer requests something, respond immediately.

Remember that any delays on your end will only delay your closing, so act with urgency and stay in touch.

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New: Penrose Cottages at Fallbrook!

402 Customs is proud to present the 8 Penrose Cottages of Fallbrook! Each Penrose Cottage has its own distinct personality and style that can be adapted to fit your specific needs. Each walkout home features parking on the back side of the home that is accessed by the paved alley, and a community friendly front porch to sit and relax on while watching the kids play, or the sun set. The floor plans are well thought out and open, with vaulted ceilings that can be changed to create more living space on second floor, or left soaring depending on your personal style preference. Every detail is planned out to get the most out of both form and function. Our Model Home features designs and selections by local design store, Gotcha Covered.

Contact us today for an appointment today to tour the model home and let us help you find your perfect cottage style!


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Can you use a Reverse Mortgage to buy a home?

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Did you know that a Reverse Mortgage could be used to purchase a home?

Meet the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) for Purchase. Buyers must be 62 or older to qualify. It’s a federally-insured loan. As long as you live in the home, you will never make a mortgage payment. The loan increases over time and the interest accumulates and is added to the principal balance. The balance is due when you sell, move out for 12 months or more or die.

The catch: it requires about a 50% down payment. That creates enough equity to cover the accrued interest on the loan. The down payment can come from the sale of another home, from savings or a gift from a family member.

You just can’t borrow the down payment. Most folks will use the proceeds from the sale of a home as their down payment.

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Is real estate still one of the best investments you can make?

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The Great Recession’s impact on the housing industry has some people wondering if real estate is still a great investment. After all, home values fell nationwide. But as the saying goes, time really does heal all wounds.

If you look at real estate over a long period of time, home values have proven to be resilient. In fact, more than half of U.S. homes are now worth as much or more than they were at the peak of the national housing boom in April 2007! National home prices are expected to rise another 5.5 percent this year.

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Dec. 15th – Santa Visits the Neighborhood

Santa Visits the Neighborhood

Visits with Santa, activities with Santa’s elves, holiday music, cookies and hot chocolate. Bring your camera to capture the memories!

A FREE event for the whole family!

Santa will be there 10 AM – 12 PM & 2 – 4 PM

575 Fallbrook Blvd
Suite 102
Lincoln, NE

View Event


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Are you ready to live in a condo?

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Owning and living in a condo is quite different than a single-family home. Understanding the pros and cons in advance of making your move to a condo is important for a happy transition. The most important difference? You’re part of a Condo Association and you have to follow its rules.

The Association also takes care of maintenance, such as exterior painting and landscaping. Regular maintenance costs and expenses like water, sewage, and garbage are often included in your monthly Homeowners Association (HOA) dues.

A portion of your HOA dues is set aside for reserves to handle things like a roof replacement. However, if the reserves are not adequate, you could get a special assessment. That will be split among condo owners to cover the needed repair. Look closely at the reserves before you buy.

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The one thing that home buyers won’t compromise on

Many home buyers are willing to compromise on certain characteristics. They’ll give in on price (21%), the condition of the home (19%), the size of the home (18%), and even the distance of the home to their place of work (13%).

But according to the National Association of REALTORS®, the two characteristics home buyers are least willing to compromise on are the quality of schools and distance from schools. Just 4% of recent buyers compromised on the distance to schools, and a mere 2% compromised on the quality of schools.

Twice as many recent buyers were willing to compromise on both the quality of the neighborhood and the distance of their home from family and friends.

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Are men or women buyers more likely to compromise?

Real estate is all about compromise. Did you know that 76 percent of all sellers make at least one concession or compromise? The top concession is lowering the sales price (34 percent), according to a Zillow survey.

What’s surprising is that there’s a big different between women and men when it comes to compromising during a home purchase. NAR (National Association of REALTORS®) research shows that women are better overall at compromising than men. In fact, single males are much more likely to not make any compromises during a home purchase than single females, married couples and unmarried couples.

There are generational differences, too. Millennial sellers – 85 percent – make the most compromises to finalize a home sale, Generation X is next at 75 percent, followed by Silent Generation sellers at 70 percent, and Boomers at 67 percent.

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