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Nearly every survey over the last 50 years shows that the vast majority of Americans consider homeownership to be part of the American Dream. It’s still true today. A recent National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) survey found 87% of consumers said homeownership is part of their American Dream.

Homeownership remains the greatest source of wealth among Americans. Economists tell us that for every two homes sold, one job is created in the U.S. Every home purchased generates as much as $60,000 in economic activity over time.

Also, Fannie Mae research shows that:

  • Homeownership creates safer, more stable neighborhoods.
  • Homeowners vote more often than renters, and they are happier and more satisfied then renters.
  • Children of homeowners do better in school, with higher test scores and lower anti-social behaviors.

The bottom line: in America, homeownership matters.