Little Brookland

****Update:  Little Brookland Daycare NOW OPEN! **** 
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NEBCO Announces Plans for “Little Brookland” Early Childhood Care Center in Fallbrook

Lincoln based NEBCO, Inc. announced plans for Northwest Lincoln’s newest Early Childhood Care Center at Fallbrook.  Little Brookland Daycare will be a 10,000 sq. ft., new building with a large outdoor play area, access to Fallbrook’s natural areas and trail system, and close proximity to schools, YMCA and large employers.  Little Brookland will be conveniently located at the entrance to Fallbrook at 1st St. and Fallbrook Blvd (130 Fallbrook Blvd.) The new Daycare serves a large need for adolescent care in the area and endeavors to open by Summer 2012.

“We pride ourselves in offering a higher standard of care for your child with on-site preschool opportunities and care for ages ranging from 6 weeks to 12 years”, says Cheryl Dubas, Owner of Little Brookland and another local Childcare Center, Little Munchkinland.  Hours of operation will be from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.  Early registration info and inquiries can be made by contacting

According to NEBCO Real Estate Manager, Phil Wenta, “Fallbrook continues to work towards programming uses that are in demand by the immediate residential and employment base.  This is one more step towards delivering on our Sustainable Development plans.  Residents and area Employees alike have long searched for additional quality childcare in a clean, safe and well-managed environment as current alternatives are at capacity in the area.”

Fallbrook’s Master Plan for building a Sustainable Community includes balanced development that allows people to Live, Work and do their commerce all within their local area.  “The Little Brookland Daycare is a perfect addition to our existing lifestyle and employment options that already thrive here.  The surrounding regional residents and abundant workforce will now have a new, convenient location to provide care to their children throughout the day.”