Building & Review Process

PATH A: Perfect, right from the start.

Start the process by taking a look at the many plans in the Fallbrook Collection of Homes. These have been designed specifically for use in Fallbrook and can meet a wide variety of lifestyles.

PATH B: All it needs is just a touch of…

If you like something you see in the collection, but there are small alterations needed, consider having a design from the collection modified to meet your exact needs.

PATH C: I gotta do my own thing.

If you have a design you already like and you feel it suits the Fallbrook concept, meet with your builder to review the Fallbrook’s Design Code. Then have your plans prepared for review.


Review and Approval Process

Submittals are required to successfully build in Fallbrook. The first of these happens at the conclusion of your planning phase and involves a review of your construction plans for the house and property.


Forms Needed For Submittal

Construction Practices Agreement
Design Review Request
Design Review Change Request