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The Fallbrook concept is a big one. In fact, less than forty percent of the 700-acre property is currently under construction. There are still plenty of opportunities for you to purchase the lot of your choice and build the home of your dreams.

Many of the advantages of building at Fallbrook are fairly obvious. Location. The overall neighborhood concept and amenities. The beautiful surrounding. But here are some other points worthy of consideration:

  • Unlike other developments in Lincoln, there are minimal impact fees
    at Fallbrook. (see the chart below)
  • Fallbrook lot prices are extremely competitive.
  • Unlike most developments, the Fallbrook neighborhood is designed to improve and become more and more desirable in the future.
  • Master Plan, Covenants, and Design Review ensure the character and quality of the streetscape and will protect your investment into the future.
  • Here’s your opportunity to combine your personal and professional life. Move your business to Fallbrook, too.

Available Lots & Prices

Standard Lots  – Lots & Prices
Reawakening the charm and practicality of neighborhoods of the past, Fallbrook brings to life many of the principles of New Urbanism, a popular design movement inspired by communities developed prior to World War II. Aesthetic and functional in design, Fallbrook brings dramatic, yet practical solutions to the congestion and depersonalization of conventional suburban living.

New Urbanism Lots – Alley Access Lots – Lots & Prices
Weaving beauty and human comfort to form a unique sense of place, these communities put people, not automobiles, first in priority. Homes, common areas, workplaces, shops, schools, and recreational areas vital to the daily lives of residents are all placed within walking distance of each other to minimize stress and maximize community. Streets are shaded by rows of trees and designed to slow traffic. Parking lots are relegated to the rear of buildings, usually accessed by alleys. All to maintain an attractive and pedestrian-friendly atmosphere.

Courtyard Lots – Lots & Prices
For those who like the concept of association living, but cannot get excited about the sameness of most townhouse offerings, you may want to see if a courtyard lot would fit your needs. In this region, each home is designed to incorporate an indoor-outdoor lifestyle of courtyards and generous windows applying principles from the Prairie style of architecture. Whether your desire is to build your dream home or purchase one of our existing neighborhood homes currently on the market, we’d be happy to provide you with precisely the information you need.


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Impact Fee Savings

Click the chart below to see a fuller extent of the minimal impact fees at Fallbrook.
(Source: City of Lincoln Web Site: